5 Ways to Style a Classic Tee!

Are you tired of wearing your tee shirts the same way every day? We've got you covered! Here are five ways to wear a tee shirt that will add some variety to your wardrobe.

Tucked into high-waisted jeans: This classic look is perfect for a casual day out. Tuck your tee shirt into a pair of high-waisted jeans and add some sneakers for a comfortable and stylish outfit.


Layered under a blazer: Dress up your tee shirt by layering it under a blazer. Add some heels or ankle boots to complete the look.


Knotted at the waist: For a more relaxed vibe, try knotting your tee shirt at the waist. Pair it with some shorts or a skirt for a cute and casual outfit.


Styled with a statement necklace: Make your tee shirt stand out by pairing it with a statement necklace. This is a great way to dress up a basic tee shirt and add some personality to your outfit.

Knotted or half-tucked into a maxi skirt: For a chic and effortless look, try half-tucking your t-shirt into a flowy maxi skirt. You could also knot it at the waist for this look! Add some strappy sandals or flats and a denim jacket or cardigan for a stylish and comfortable outfit. This look is perfect for a brunch date or a casual day out.

    So there you have it: five ways to wear a tee shirt that will give you new outfit options. At Spicy Chic, we have a variety of tee shirts in different colors and styles, so come in and find your perfect match!